Pizza Hut Catering Menu Prices 2023

Pizza Hut Catering Menu Prices – Pizza Hut is a well-known pizza place in America. However, you can always enjoy their delicious, tasty pizzas and side dishes when you need a quick meal or a quick addition to your party’s menu.

You can enjoy your favourite pizza at your next meeting or party with Pizza Hut catering services.

Pizza Hut is the best choice for casual gatherings. Pizza is a must-have food, and who wouldn’t want it?

Below are the latest Pizza Hut catering Menu with prices.


Pizza Deals 14″


8-15 Pizzas $9.00/each
16-30 Pizzas $8.50/each
31+ Pizzas $8.00/each
Extra Cheese (extra) $2.00
Specialty Recipe (extra) $3.00

Boneless Wing Deals

48 Wings $29.00
72 Wings $43.00
96 Wings $58.00
120 Wings $72.00
Ranch & Blue Cheese Cups (extra) $0.50

Pasta Deals

6-15 Pastas $12.00/each
16-30 Pastas $11.00/each
31+ Pastas $10.00/each
Cheese Breadsticks (extra) $1.00

Salad Deals

Side Salad $2.99

Bundle Deals – Mix and Match Your Favorites!

Feed 8: 2 Large Pizzas or 2 Family Size pastas, 16 Boneless Wings, 8 Sides $35.00
Feed 16: 4 Large Pizzas or 4 Family Size Pastas, 4 Sides $65.00
Feed 32: 8 Large Pizzas or 8 Family Size Pastas, 48 Boneless Wings, 8 Sides $125.00
Feed 48: 12 Large Pizzas or 12 Family Size Pastas, 96 Boneless Wings, 12 Sides $185.00

Side Upgrades

Extra Topping $1.50/each
Specialty Recipe $3.00
Cheese Breadsticks or Cheesy Garlic Bread $1.00
Brownie or Cookie $2.00


20oz Bottles $1.70/each
2 Liters $3.00/each


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