Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu Prices [2023]

Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu Prices


Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu – Pizza Hut’s Gluten-Free menu is perfect except for one thing. Their gluten-free crust is not required to be a staple in the industry.

The gluten-free option may be available, but it’s not available in all locations. You will need to call first to inquire about it. You’re lucky if your local branch offers it.

The gluten-free pizza crust is available for all menu items except stuffed. It’s sure to please gluten-sensitive customers.

There are two types of Pizza Hut branches. One is a gluten-free dessert; the other is a wide variety of gluten-free options.

There are increasing numbers of Pizza Hut restaurants that offer gluten-free pizza crusts.

This means there is a greater variety of places where you can enjoy the delicious buttery taste of the Pizza Hut gluten-free crust.

Before you place an order, make sure to call your local Pizza Hut. Below are their most popular gluten-free choices.

Pizza Hut Gluten Free Menu Prices

Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza

Another classic pizza, and most people’s first-ever. Pizza Hut offers this piece of classic pie design on their gluten-free pizza crust. This ensures you can still enjoy the finer things, even if you have gluten sensitivity. In addition, Pizza Hut Pepperoni brings a unique flavour to your meal with its delicious, savoury meat.

Get your pepperoni for $12.49

Cheese Pizza

This is the base of any good pizza: a thin layer of tender crust topped with delicious sauce and cheese. These three ingredients will be the foundation of any pizza, no matter what type you choose.

Get your Cheese Pizza for $8.49

Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza

This masterpiece of cheese delights, the Count of Cheese, is your chance to take your love for cheese pizza to the next level. This cheese pizza may have the perfect combination of cheeses. In addition, this one is gluten-free and can be made with any crust.

Purchase yours now for only $12.49

Meat Lover’s Pizza

This pizza is a favourite, especially for those who are obligate carnivores. This pizza is sure to please even the most ardent pizza lover. You can now enjoy gluten-free dining in the gluten-sensitive world with the addition of a gluten-free crust.

Purchase yours now for only $12.49

Their full gluten-free menus can be found below:



Hand-Tossed Pizza Medium $11.99
Hand-Tossed Pizza Large $14.99
Pan Pizza Personal $4.79
Pan Pizza Medium $11.99
Pan Pizza Large $14.99
Thin N Crispy Pizza Medium $11.99
Thin N Crispy Pizza Large $14.99
Stuffed Crust Large $16.99
Skinny Slice Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $11.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $14.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $16.99
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $14.99
Create Your Own (Gluten-Free Crust) Small $9.99


Classic Marinara Pizza Sauce $0.60


Diet Pepsi Bottle $1.79
Diet Pepsi 2 Liter $2.99
Mountain Dew Bottle $1.79
Mountain Dew 2 Liter $2.99
Pepsi Bottle $1.79
Pepsi 2 Liter $2.99
Sierra Mist Bottle $1.79
Sierra Mist 2 Liter $2.99


Pizza Hut was one such pizza company that saw a demand quickly and moved to meet it. They only failed because they didn’t provide it sooner or more widely. Instead, they ensured their gluten-free pizza dough was available for all the pizzas they sold. Pizza Hut is a favourite GF pizza place, and we look forward to seeing them expand the size options for their GF pizzas.


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